GPR RW Elizabethcat Hollander Osiris

Seal Point Siamese Male
Born/ March 27, 2010

CFA 2011-2012 19th Best Premier in Japan Region
CFA 2011-2012 8th Best Siamese Premier, Nationally

Owner/ Harumi Kuroda

Special Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Kuroda!





GPR RW Elizabethcat European Ise

Blue Point Siamese Male
Born/ April 21, 2008

CFA 2008-2009 7th Best Kitten in Japan Region
CFA 2008-2009 7th Best Siamese Kitten, Nationally

Owner/ Harumi Koide

Oct. the 5th 2008, All Breed Best Kitten from Carla Bizzell at Ganba Kobe show.

Oct. the 26th 2008, All Breed Best Kitten from K. Lawrence at Ancient Capital Cat Society show.

June the 13th 2009, Congratulations Ise! 1 Show 1/2 Grand Champion.

Special Thanks Haru-Pyon!